How to choose your Yachtcharter

Renting a Yacht for the first time can be a real headache. How does that work? Do I need to hire a full crew? How many crew members do I need? Where do I start? With Neo Yachting, a french based company specialized in luxury yachting services for overe nine years, you have the guarantee of a strong international professional experience, and that everything will be taken care of during your yachting adventure. In this blog post, we are going to give you a few pointers to select the most adapted yacht charter solution according to your desires.

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Group LED Screens, the future in a diode

Group LED Screens logo

The 21st century is characterized by a succession of technological revolutions. These events disrupted the industrialized society’s habits in terms of consumption, communication and entertainment. Group LED Screens is one of digital pioneer developing and manufacturing the new generation LED displays. Our agency, specialized in website creation and SEO optimization, introduces you to our new client.

Group LED Screens applications

The French LED specialist

Boost your company’s image

As an international seller and LED production lines owner, Group LED Screens is set up in France and provides private and public institutions with the best visual communication tools. Group LED Screens offers you the best digital equipment for purchase and for rental. Adaptable to any type of project, these dynamic LED displays can be used both for commercial or creative purposes.

Everyday technology

There are numerous applications for LEDs. A few years ago, this technology was supposed to be limited to providing the function of indicator light for our home appliances. Nowadays, we find electroluminescent diodes in home lightening, car turn signals, traffic lights, mobile devices and flat screens. Group LED Screens specializes in the manufacture of high-quality tailored LED displays. So, if you think about this type of installation, don’t hesitate to request a free quote on their website!

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La Piña Colada es buena para la salud

Piña ColadaNo está soñando. Científicos del Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos hicieron una descubierta de primer orden: las bebidas alcohólicas son beneficiosas para la salud si contienen licores y zumos. De hecho, el etanol contenido en el ron, en la vodka, en la tequila y otras bebidas alcohólicas, aumenta la capacidad antioxidante de la fruta. De allí a decir que cóctel Piña Colada es buena para la salud, sólo hay un paso. Un paso que damos.  Continue reading

Piña Colada fa bene alla salute

Piña ColadaNon stai sognando. I ricercatori del US Department of Agriculture hanno fatto una scoperta importante per la scienza : le bevande alcoliche sono benefiche per la salute se contengono liquori e succhi di frutta . Infatti, l’etanolo in rum, vodka, tequila e liquori, aumenta la capacità antiossidante dei frutti. Da lì, a dire Piña Colada fa bene alla salute, c’è solo un piccolo passo. Si dice ! Continue reading

Is Piña Colada an anti-wrinkle?

No, we are not joking. Scientist from the US Department of Agriculture discovered a brand new important information: alcoholic beverages are good for health if they include spirit and fruit juices. Indeed, the ethanol present in rum, vodka, tequila and other spirits multiples the fruits’ antioxidant capacities. So here, at the redaction, we take the plunge and say that Piña Colada is a healthy cocktail. It is said !

Piña Colada

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L’Art di sigaro nella repubblica Domenicana

Produzione di sigaro fatto a mano, processo. De di Tabacalera il Garcia FactoryThe francese Asse di Editoriale di Lusso di Berretto, insieme a Que Vende Todo un sito web di annunci gratis nella Repubblica Domenicana, divide il meglio della Repubblica Domenicana la cultura e storia: il sigaro. Il paese è il primo esportatore di sigaro nel mondo intero.

Handmade cigar production, process. Tabacalera de Garcia Factory

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The Art of Cigar in the Dominican Republic

Handmade cigar production, process. Tabacalera de Garcia FactoryThe French Editorial Board of Cap Luxury, along with Que Vende Todo, a free classifieds website in the Dominican Republic, shares the best of the Dominican Republic culture and history: the cigar. The country is the first cigar exporter in the whole world. Continue reading

El Arte del Cigarro

Handmade cigar production, process. Tabacalera de Garcia Factory

La redacción de Cap Luxury, en colaboración con Que Vende Todo, sitio de anuncios gratuitos por palabras en la República Dominicana, se ha inspirado de la calles soleadas de Santo Domingo para escribir un artículo que trata del cigarro. El país es el mayor exportador de cigarros en el mundo. Continue reading

La República Dominicana, Caribes Francesas, Cuba…

¿Busca vacaciones en las Caribes? No se olvida la región del mundo que cosecha los mas votos respecto a sus rincones paradisiacos. Si quiere pasar algunos buenos momentos entre las playas, las forestas tropicales o las típicas pequeñas ciudades debe saber que todas las islas de las Caribes ofrecen una estupenda variedad de paisajes que impresionan un 100 % de los visitantes. ¿Luego porque vacilar?

Dominican Republic beach

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Dominican Republic, French Caribe, Cuba…

Looking for holydays in the Caribbean? Let’s have a look on this region of the globe that seems to collect most of votes about its paradisiac spots. If you want to spend some great time between beaches, tropical forests and typical villages, you must know that all the Caribbean islands offer a tremendous variety of landscapes that amaze 100% of visitors. So, why hesitate more?

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